Problem Water Filtration Systems

We are Problem Water Specialists!  Big iron problems?  Sulphur?  Tannins?  Nasty Odours?

The flexibility of the Hague WaterMax system allows for over 100 configurations to handle all kinds of problem water situations.  The WaterMax is available in one, two and three compartment configurations to treat many types of water issues with a single system.

Our standard Well Water Conditioner, the Hague WaterMax 62-AMQ can handle up to 12 parts per million (ppm) iron out of the box.  It can be upgraded to handle up to 15 ppm before looking into further, dedicated iron filtration.

Dedicated Problem Water Filters

• WaterMax® 61-AAN: Reduces up to 20ppm iron & manganese, up to 5ppm hydrogen sulfide, and effective treatment for iron bacteria.
• WaterMax® 61-AAE: Reduces tastes, odors, and most man-made pollutants.
• WaterMax® 61-AAD: Catalytic filter removes suspended tannins and organic material, iron and hydrogen sulphide.
• WaterMax® 61-AAS: Adjusts low pH water to a non-corrosive state.
• WaterMax® 61-AAR: Removes suspended matter (turbidity) from water down to the 20-40 micron range.
• WaterMax® 61-AAF: Removes suspended matter (turbidity) from water down to nominal 10-15 micron range.
• WaterMax® 61-AAA: This is a custom system – it can be loaded with media as required for your specific water quality concerns.  Call for details, we are happy to cost-effectively provide you the best treatment filters on the market.  Hague's 9 patents on media tanks, chambers and controllers allow us to do things the "competition" simply cannot.

These are some of the more-common filtration devices – by no means even close to an exhaustive selection.

In some cases, a single system is all that is required – in others a combination approach is needed to affect the best results.  One thing is for certain – once we know what's in your water, nobody can take the contaminants out like Hague.  Our systems are guaranteed to work and carry the industry's longest manufacturer's warranty – 25 years!

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