WaterMax City & Well Water Conditioners

Hague WaterMax Comprehensive Water Treatment System FACTS

1) Hague WaterMax: Can be custom designed to meet the parameters of your water quality.

Competitor: Cannot be custom designed, same system for everyone.

2) Hague WaterMax: Regenerates only when necessary based on water usage and amounts of contaminants in the water.

Competitor: Some systems regenerate baesd on time, not on water usage.

3) Hague WaterMax: Uses as little as 2.7 lbs of salt and 15 gallons of water per regeneration. Can regenerate in as little as 20 minutes. (Patented)

Competitor: Uses 9-12 lbs of salt and over 100 gallons of water per regeneration, taking 1¼  to 2½ hours to complete their cleaning cycle.

4) Hague WaterMax: Contains 3 distinct compartments to serve different filtering functions and treat multiple problems with 1 unit. (Patented)

Competitor: All other equipment has only 1 chamber for 1 filtering function.

5) Hague WaterMax: Equipment has a 25 year written manufacturer's warranty on the tanks and medias, 10 years on the computer. Only system in the industry!

Competitor: Most have 3 years or less warranty on the control and 10 years or less on the tanks, none on medias.  Some have a “Lifetime Warranty” which is only on the tanks.      

6) Hague WaterMax: Contains Directional Flow Screens to prevent "channelling" and force the water to flow evenly through all filter medias. Water is always treated 100%  – no "slippage" or untreated water bypassing fresh media (Patented)

Competitor: Only has a tube with a head at the bottom, therefore the water will take the least flow of resistance allowing untreated water to pass through.

7) Hague WaterMax: Digital Controller, using only 12 Volts of electricity, allows for instant changes to adjust for water usage patterns, number of people in the home, brine settings and tracks the total volume of water used in the home. Included flow meter instantly shows the home's water usage and can help detect plumbing leaks.  Meter is accurate to 0.1 Gallons Per Minute (GPM) flow rate.  Settings are retained during power outages and can easily be adjusted by the homeowner.  (Patented)

Competitor: Most metered valves cannot detect flows under 1 GPM.  This can lead to inaccurate metering and is compensated for by adding extra salt to every regeneration.  Accomodating for changes in home's occupancy or desired salt settings requires opening up the valve or even emptying the brine tank and adjusting float valves. -Cumbersome and often requires an expensive technician service call.

8)  Hague WaterMax: Contains KDF media in the 3rd compartment, to remove chlorine and lead. The KDF is also a bacteriastat, which inhibits the growth of bacteria in the resin bed. (Patented) USEPA# 54369-OH-001

Competitor: None.  One of the major reasons resins, media and carbon filters fail is due to bacteria.  With Hague, this problem is eliminated and medias are warrantied for the full 25 Year life of the conditioner.

9) Hague WaterMax: Has a sediment filter in the top compartment to remove sediment down to 20 microns – smaller than particles visible to the human eye. The self cleaning sediment filter cleans itself automatically with no cartridges to change – EVER. 

Competitor: None.

10) Hague WaterMax: Has a blending valve that can be opened to adjust the hardness to the customer’s desire. (Patented)

Competitor: None

11) Hague WaterMax: Has a 1-1/4” distributor tube, therefore will not have any noticeable effect on water pressure. (Patented)

Competitor: Varies from ½” to 1” distributor tube.  Restrictions affect water pressure.

12) Hague WaterMax: Sits in a finished cabinet and will not sweat in summer or humid conditions, nor grow mildew on the surface.

Competitor: Usually has no cabinet (may have a plastic tank wrap) and sweats water profusely – even onto the floor allowing the growth of mildew on the equipment and nuissance water staining.

13) Hague WaterMax: Has “Absolute Brining,” which meters preceisely the amount of brine required to regenerate ONLY the resin actually used between cleaning cycles. (Patented)

Competitor: Regenerates the entire reserve capacity each time whether any of it has been used or not, which wastes salt.   

14) Hague WaterMax: Is the only water treatment system certified to remove 100% of Radium and Lead from house water. 

Competitor: Less than 80% to none.  

15) Hague WaterMax: Upflow Brining with no "Freeboard".  During regeneration cycles the amount of water and salt used is reduced by 50-80% compared with conventional systems.

Competitor: Downflow brining and 40% of tank is "Freeboard."  This design flaw results in an automatic 50-80% more water and salt used to operate.  Brine is automatically diluted at the beginning of cleaning cycle.  Immediate need for higher salt usage to overcome dilution effect of "Freeboard."

Other WaterMax Facts:

• The average family of 4 people will save over $1200 a year by treating their water properly.

• Hague Quality Water has been in business since 1960.  Over 50 Years dedicated to the world's finest water treatment products!

• Hague Quality Water is privately owned with zero debt and owns the means of production to its equipment.  What good is a 25 year warranty if your manufacturer is bankrupt, sold or no longer operating in your area.

• Hague Quality Water is the only MANUFACTURER still making product in North America.  All other companies assemble parts made overseas.

• Equipment is installed with a bypass, by an experienced, professional installer.

• Customer actually receives a manual, warranty card and a follow up visit from the sales person to make certain the installation is correct, equipment is programmed properly and the customer is satisfied.

• The entire WaterMax Comprehensive Water Treatment System and R.O. Drinking Water Unit is certified by the NSF. The NSF is an independent organization that tests equipment and its literature to approve its accuracy and claims and confirms that nothing harmful is leached from the equipment. Only 3 companies in the industry have this listing.  We certify the level of contaminants removed and that we don't add anything harmful to the water.  Our products are ALL BPA FREE!


Hague Quality Water – World Leader in Efficient Water Conditioning


Compare to the "Competition"

The matrix below has information taken from the manuals of many of our competitor's systems.  The numbers below are those published by the manufacturer's, not as a result of Hague or any other lab's independent testing.  Information is presumed accurate as supplied by other system manufacturer's.

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