Hague Puratech Residential Conditioner

Pura-tech Softener

Product Information

Big performance in half the space. Although compact in size, the pura-tech whole home water softener is big on performance. Designed to provide any size family with sparkling soft water without the hassle of stain-causing iron, the pura-tech continually outperforms conventional water softeners with a usable capacity of 32,500 grains of hardness removal with each generation.

Soft Water Advantages

Hardness, iron and sediment, even in low amounts can cause a wide variety of problems. They could range from simple aggravations like dishwasher spots and shower scale to economic waste through stained or ruined laundry, to major expenses such as a ruined water heater.

In one compact unit, the pura-tech Water Conditioner treats hardness, sediment and iron. The result is the peace of mind that your sparkling clear water is better for your appliances and laundry, and most importantly, your family.

• Pura-tech's patented 11-inch dual compartment tank and versatile computer-controlled system team up for high efficiency and environmentally friendly water treatment system.

• Saves Water – the pura-tech system uses less than 18 gallons of water for regeneration. Some other conventional units use 40 to 100 gallons.

• Saves Salt – the pura-tech system received the Water Quality Association efficiency validation – more than 5,400 grains of capacity per lb. of salt.

• Quick Regeneration – the pura-tech system regenerates in less than 15 minutes.

• Soap Savings – pura-tech water will save you up to 75% on all soap products. Plus, it eliminates soap curd which causes dingy laundry, dry skin, bathtub rings, spotted dishes and silverware and diaper rash.

• Shiny Fixtures – no more ugly stains and soap residue on fixtures and glassware. Plus, fewer costly plumbing repair bills. Pura-tech water reduces build-up of scale-forming hardness in water heaters and pipes.

Laundry – Cleaner, brighter, softer laundry costs less with pura-tech quality water.

• Hair – pura-tech water rinses away soap film for a smoother shave as well as softer, shinier, more manageable hair. Plus, it increases razor blade life and reduces the need for special hair rinses and conditioners.

• Warranty: 3 Years – 100% of all parts, 10 Years – 100% on cabinet, resin tank and valve body.

Computerized Controller

• LCD displays the amount of capacity remaining until the next regeneration, in gallons or liters.

• Fail safe capacity guard assures a constant supply of soft water.

• Power Outage Protection – holds cycle programs indefinitely.

• All cycles are easily programmed with the touch of a button.

• Easy-to-set, adjustable reserve capacity.

• Flow Meter – Controller indicates when water is in use and displays flow rate. This convenient feature can also be used to signal your attention when there is excessive water usage that may be due to a household plumbing leak.

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