Water is nature's universal solvent. It absorbs some of everything it touches. The more pure it is, the more aggressive it is, and the more it absorbs. It only stands to reason that the more pure the water you drink, the more toxins and impurities it can absorb and remove from your body as it passes through.

Water has five important functions in the body

• Lubricant
• Coolant
• Solvent
• Transporter
• Disperser

If water carries “extra ingredients”, it cannot be as efficient in performing these vital functions. “Extra ingredients” are:

• Salts
• Chemicals
• Heavy metals
• Inorganic minerals
• Other dissolved pollutants

When pure water enters the body, it leaves no residue. It is free of organic salts. It is the perfect drink for inner cleanliness. Pure water has less than 15 parts per million of Total Dissolved Solids, and is free of harmful bacteria and pollutants.

What's in our water?

Douglas Environmental performs no-charge, on-site water assessments and can test for most common concerns as they relate to water quality.  We are NOT a legal lab, but if legal testing documents are required, we can perform them working with partner accredited labs and provide any necessary documentation for a fee.

The government only requires your water plant to test and monitor for less than 200 chemicals and substances in water. The report the city provides is required to send you only shows the results for those items actually tested for. Hundreds of thousands of chemicals and substances are never tested. Each substance would require a separate test to determine its presence, and this would be very costly.

Less than 10 percent of all water treated at a plant actually makes it into the home, and less than 10 percent of that is used for cooking and drinking. It would be a tremendous expense to purify the water at the plant more than it already is. Pure water isn't needed to put out a fire, wash buildings, or general use.

Bottled water: “Spring, natural or mineral” water means it came straight from the ground. It was probably only run through carbon to remove any bad taste and odor, but it is not purified. It has not had any dissolved solids removed.


The most common problem in the United States is hard water. Hard water contains high levels of calcium and magnesium. Over 80% of all tap water in the United States is 7 grains hard or harder. The hardness scale is:

0-1 grains: soft
2-3 grains: slightly hard
4-6 grains: moderately hard
7 grains: hard-hard
11 grains: very hard
19+ grains: extremely hard


High levels of iron are the second most common problem in the United States.


Water that has an unpleasant taste, a sour, salty, bitter or metallic taste can be a sign of high levels of TDS – normally Chlorides, Sulfates and Bicarbonates.


The water treatment process creates TTHMs, which have been linked to an increased risk of cancer.

The Effects of Water On Your Body


• Dry skin
• Dull hair

TDS (Total Dissolved Solids)

• Bad taste
• Reported “Laxative effect”
• Usually indicative of excessive sodium levels

The effects of water on your house


• Spotty dishes, glasses, flatware
• Soap scum and bathtub rings
• Increased costs of soaps and cleaning products
• Increased hard scale formation in plumbing, causing clogging and corrosion, affecting water pressure and drain blockage
• Shortened life cycles of appliances and their valves
• Shortened life cycles of water heaters, faucets, toilet flushing units, and shower heads
• Increased electric and gas bills – up to 25% more fuel usage for a hot water tanks which uses hard water
• 25-50% more abrasive on clothing, towels and sheets
• Increased product usage for coffee, tea, juices and other beverages

TDS (Total Dissolved Solids)

• Cloudy ice cubes
• Scaling and spotting on your wetted surfaces
• Mineral “fur” around your faucet outlets

High Iron

• Reddish or red-brown stains on fixtures and clothing
• Yellow or orange colored water
• Metallic taste

High Copper

• Blue-green stains on fixtures
• Toxic to aquarium fish
• Color variations in hair tones, especially blond
• Corrosion of aluminum surfaces
• Metallic taste


The chlorine problem: It appears that chlorine should be allowed to do its work until it gets to the point of being used or consumed. Then it is up to the homeowner to remove it along with the trihalomethanes and contaminants with a quality home water filtration system. Everything in the home is affected by condition of water. It is a home owner's protection policy against hard water damage.

Reverse osmosis process is by far the best choice, removing dissolved solids and pollutants, thus creating the purest water for drinking and cooking.

A QUALITY water filtration system is the only appliance you will EVER purchase that will actually pay for itself in 2-4 years. It will greatly reduce hardness damage, reduction in soap usage, and reduced usage in detergent and cleaning products. Then there is the continued savings year after year thereafter. The BEST purified water can be produced through your own water system for less than 3 cents per gallon.

Distilled water is also purified, but a distiller continuously boils water, using electricity and generating lots of heat – this means higher operating costs. Distilled water has a flat taste to many people because the boiling process removes the oxygen.  Maintenance for distillers requires lots of "elbow grease" and typically the use of some very harsh and often dangerous acidic chemicals.



Conditioned water can act as a part-time housekeeper. An Ohio State University study shows at least 80 hours of housework per year (two 40-hour weeks!) can be saved with soft conditioned water.


Coffee, tea, juices and other foods taste clean and refreshing.
Cooked vegetables taste better and are more tender.


• Up to 25% less ingredients to make coffee, tea, juices and other beverages when using conditioned water. Vegetables will cook in less time, using less electric or gas
• Reduced need for hand lotions, face and cleansing creams, moisturizers, and special soaps.
• 50-80% reduction in soap and soap product usage
• Clothing and towels will look newer, brighter and fluffier and last at least 25% longer

Bath and Shower filtration:

• Softer and shinier hair
• Cleaner feeling skin
• Fewer allergic rashes to those with skin sensitivities
Removal of chemicals linked to health problems is never a bad idea!

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