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THE PIRANA SOLUTIONPirana Septic Remediation and Maintenance

The Pirana solves the #1 Problem causing issues for septic systems worldwide!  All drainfields are susceptible to Biomat clogging – well over 90% of system failures are caused by this, and this is the reason new field installers will tell their customers to expect only 20-25 years life span for a brand new disposal field.  The Pirana prevents this happening, turns back the clock on drainage systems simply, easily and inexpensively, without the need for large heavy machinery or equipment, and involving little or no landscape damage.

The Pirana Method is not mysterious or difficult to understand.

Some background on the problem:

The primary cause of septic system failure is slime producing anaerobic bacteria in our bodily wastes.  These bacteria don’t die when they end up in a septic tank. Over time, the retention capacity of the septic tank causes a build up in concentrations of these slime producing anaerobic bacteria within the liquid effluent in the septic tank. They then leave the septic tank in the liquid leaving the tank and end up in the disposal field. They don’t die there either.

In these high concentrations, they are better able to form a survivable community on the infiltrative surfaces of the soils of the disposal field. They produce very viscous slimes as part of their metabolic process. Over time, this slime fills voids in the soil and inhibits the absorption of liquid from the septic tank to the point that less liquid can be absorbed into the soil than the amount of liquid put into the septic system each day.

Failure occurs. This slime is called Biomat and is responsible for 95% of septic system failures.


The patented Pirana and Pirana Method is essentially an aerobic incubator to grow a few select and common species of facultative leaf litter bacteria (the Pirana Blend) by a simple inoculation process at start up. The Pirana unit merely sits on the bottom of a septic tank connected to a remote linear air pump by a ½ inch PVC pipe. The unique design of the Pirana unit creates an atmospheric like environment within the unit that for the first time allows these facultative Pirana Blend species to survive and prosper within a liquid environment.

The Pirana Blend bacteria use the solid organic waste in a septic tank as their food and quickly establish a community within the Pirana. As they consume the solid waste, they remove it from the septic system. Regular scheduled pumping to remove accumulated solids is no longer necessary. Now for the first time, a septic system is truly an independent system. It is no longer an extension of a wastewater plant where the bulk of the waste sent to the septic system has to be removed by pumping and taken to the wastewater plant for disposal.

Over time, a co-evolved community of facultative intestinal bacteria, with similar metabolic capabilities as the Pirana Blend species, becomes the basic bacteria community within the Pirana unit and they express themselves in sufficient numbers to affect the function and performance of the septic tank while removing the Biomat slime from the disposal field soils.

In the disposal field, the Pirana Blend bacteria remove or reduce the oxygen atoms from the Biomat molecule, liquefying the Biomat slime to the point that the Biomat slime can no longer inhibit the passage of liquid through it, thus restoring the soil’s ability to absorb liquid from the septic tank. Equally important, the Biomat slime is the matrix in which the slime producing intestinal bacteria lives. Without the Biomat, the intestinal bacteria can’t survive in the disposal field soils. This is how the Pirana is a simple biological control for the slime producing intestinal bacteria in disposal field soils. As long as the Pirana is operated and maintained in the septic tank, disposal fields cannot fail from Biomat clogging.

The Pirana is simple to install. The Pirana unit merely sits on the bottom of your septic tank accessed through a riser, connected to a remote air pump, using as little as 120 watts and no more than 220 watts of electricity per hour. The air pump can be installed in a waterproof basin or housing or inside of a building or basement. Add the Pirana Blend inoculum, connect the air pump to an electrical supply and turn it on.

That’s it. One annual inspection a year is normally all that is required.

The problem is biological.    The solution is biological.