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We were recently featured in a Sherwood Park News article highlighting local green technology companies….  Efficient water treatment and a brand new way to bring septic fields back to life were showcased.

NEWS: Salmonella Outbreak The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta reports that 1,251 people have been poisoned by Salmonella in the past three months. The strain, Salmonella Saintpaul, has hospitalized at least 229 people, and, until recently, was thought to come from tomatoes. The tomato ban has now been lifted as a positive match has been found in jalapenos from a Texas food processing plant.   Read more…

NEWS: Solvent Leak on the North Saskatchewan River – Edmonton’s Rossdale Plant downstream of Solvent Leak

If you’ve not yet heard the news, there has been an apparent solvent leak in the Edmonton area, near the Quesnell Bridge.  I’ve copied a link below for details.

The authorities (Epcor) states it is not currently affecting water quality, all they are stating is that the “slick” is covering about 1/3 of the river and is entering the water near the Quesnell Bridge. -The Quesnell Bridge is upstream on the river as it flows eastward through the city and to the Rossdale water treatment centre.

Representative Nikki Booth has been quoted as saying, “It’s obviously unsafe to ingest.”  Read more…

More doctors Smoke Camels than Any Other Cigarette An article written by Greg Douglas about the hazzards of chlorine and chlorinated water.  Read more…

Bisphenol A (BPA), used in manufacturing plastic consumer products, including many of your favorite water bottles, in dental sealants for children’s teeth, and in resins used to line tin cans. It’s being studied for its potential to disrupt endocrine function.  Click on the sites listed below to learn more about this potentially toxic material.

Government of Canada Takes Action on Another Chemical of Concern: Bisphenol A

*** Oct 16 – MRSA “Super Bugs” in the news – check the story out HERE ***

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