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We couldn't do everything alone.  Over the years Douglas Environmental has come to rely on the services of many qualified professionals in almost every area of expertise.  We have worked with some great trades and contractors and we have found ones we'd rather not have met.  Investing in your home, your health or any area of value for your family means placing your trust in someone.  Calling some stranger out of the Yellow Pages should really be your last resort.  If you are able to get a referral to a professional with your best-interests in mind, that almost always assures you of a better outcome than randomly hiring the first company you find in any given area.

We have trusted community partners in many professional and trade-oriented backgrounds.  If you need any services, please don't hesitate to contact us.  There are over 1500 professionals in our contact database.  If you need a deck built, a new furnace, a quote on insurance or a yoga instructor, we have assembled one of the most diverse and trusted networks of professionals in the world.  All connections we can make for you are to people we've worked with in the past, people who are certified, insured, licensed and we have performed background checks on.

Please call us or use the contact form here to be put in touch with someone you can trust!

2 thoughts on “Partners

  1. Hi 

    I would like to test my son's violin and case for offgassing — it is incredibly smelly — like chemicals and I want to know what that smell is — I don't want my son to get sick.

    Could you please tell me where I can take this violin and case to get an assessment done?



    • I sent you an email last week – please give us a call at 780-410-0837 if this is an issue for you and we can discuss.  I’m sure we can help determine what’s going on.  Thanks for contacting us!

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