Why Do All Septic Systems Eventually Fail? (Apr 2012)

Does a Bear Poop in the Woods?The natural process of waste treatment isn't hard to figure out. Just watch what other animals do. They just stop, drop their waste on the ground, possibly scratch a bit of dirt or leaves over it and walk off. Come back a month or so later and the "waste" is gone. 

Magic? A miracle? Nope. Just working within Nature's evolved process for dealing with organic waste left on the surface of the planet. Micro-organisms like molds and fungus first start breaking down the waste and then bacteria from leaves and the soil takes over.

What does man do? In our infinite wisdom, we have decided to bury our waste underground and hope it just goes away.  We bypass Nature’s program and hope the bacteria from our gut does the job.  This process creates a byproduct called "biomat" – a slime layer that eventually clogs the system and leads to digging up and replacing the drainfield.  Over 95% of septic failures are caused by biomat!

The only alternative is the Pirana method, which converts the field back to an approximation of Nature’s system, using specific bacteria and oxygen to break down the waste, remove biomat from a failed or failing drain system, then restoring and maintaining function.  To find out more about repairing and preventing septic problems, please see: www.douglasenviro.ca/septic or call us 780-410-0837 to discuss and arrange a no-cost consultation at your property.

special thanks to Jerry Fife, inventor of the Pirana Method for inspiration for this article.  Portions modified and used with permission.

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