Tap Water Fluoridation (Dec 2011)

Last trip to the dentist’s office, the technician cleaned my teeth, gave me fluoride and told me it was ok to swallow it. She said our water has the same additive and it was GOOD for you. Fluoride treatments are fine for teeth, where it can help, but fluoride has NO business being digested and getting its way into my bloodstream!

So far, there hasn’t been a single conclusive study that shows ANY tangible benefit to fluoridated tap water.  Fluoride has been linked to lower IQ, thyroid and bone problems, and 30% of children that drink fluoridated tap water have “dental fluorosis” -white spots and pitting of the teeth, which may indicate bone damage.

It is quite easy to remove the fluoride from the drinking water. The simple act of having a reverse osmosis drinking water system installed should protect you by removing the fluoride from your drinking water.  

For more info or to arrange a free in-home water test, please contact Douglas Environmental at 780-410-0837 or visit online: www.douglasenviro.ca and click on “Ask the Expert”

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