Seasonal Allergies (Nov. 2011)

It seems when this time of year rolls around, people start coughing, sneezing, itching and reaching for inhalers.  Why?

Many people are fine over the summer when open screen doors and windows allow for ventilation.  When the mercury drops, homes get sealed up, allergens start to build up.

Easy steps to help:

  1. Make sure shower fan is always used – and run it for at least 20 minutes after showers are done.
  2. Reduce the number of chemicals used in the home – cleaners often contain nasty chemicals which can be trapped in the home leaving nowhere to go but in your lungs.
  3. Change and upgrade your furnace filters.  The furnace will start to work hard again, make sure it can breathe and isn’t a source of problem allergens!
  4. Get allergen tests done.  Until you know what is causing the problem, it’s hard to decide how to solve it.  Checking for mold, bacteria, dust levels and other allergy triggers is inexpensive and allows you to make informed decisions about the next step.

For more info or to arrange a low-cost allergen test, please contact Douglas Environmental at 780-410-0837 or visit online: and click on “Ask the Expert”

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