How to Turn Back the Clock on Septic Drainfields (May 2012)

Rural property owners can expect a major replacement of their drainfield every 20-25 years.  This is due to the natural biological process that occurs with the bacteria in our stomachs.  A slime called "Biomat" is produced and over time, causes fields to clog and drain more slowly every year until they eventually fail.  Once that happens, the next step is normally to dig up your yard, haul away the contaminated soil and start again -usually to the tune of $20-$35,000.

Now there is a way to undo years of biological damage -using nature to fight back with another natural process.  The Pirana Method converts your system to an aerobic one, using oxygen and a patented bacteria blend to digest all the solids, all the organics and most-importantly, all the biomat.  Remove the clog, return the function!

As long as a Pirana is running, a septic system simply cannot become clogged with biomat and organics, ever.  For more information, please visit or call 780-410-0837 for your no charge consultation to see if you are eligible to save thousands with remediation instead of replacing your field.


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