Don’t Wreck Your Renovations (Jan 2012)

In today’s housing market, many people are investing in their homes instead of moving. With kitchen and bathroom renovations come investments in new fixtures and upgrades. Any and every water-using appliance can benefit from having treated water. Independent studies show 16-29% energy savings, and up to DOUBLE the life of appliances and fixtures like dishwashers, water heaters and faucets.

If you are investing in your home, make sure to protect your investment – and have safer, healthier water to drink, brighter colours in your laundry and softer skin and hair at the same time.  Could your time spent scrubbing soap scum and hard water buildup from your new bathtub and shower be better spent relaxing?  Make your New Year’s Resolution to save money, protect your home’s value, feel better and live healthier.

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