Can Septic Fields be Repaired? (Mar 2012)

Until recently, there was only one way to repair a failed or failing septic field – dig it up and replace everything. Septic fields and mounds have always had a 20-25 year life expectancy, at which point they typically are clogged with biomat and organic material. The field slows and eventually stops draining, at which point it has needed to be replaced.  This can cost $20,000 or more depending upon the property.

Using the power of oxygen to digest and remove biomat and organics, a process called the Pirana Method™ is able to work from inside, restoring the field to full function quickly, permanently and for pennies on the dollar compared to replacement.  To see if your field or mound is suitable for remediation or to be proactive and prevent failures before they occur, please visit or call 780-410-0837.

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