make way for baby

babies need clean air to grow up big and strong

New members of the family need good clean air to grow up healthy and strong.

Clean Air for BabiesHaving a new baby is a wonderful and challenging time. We want everything to be safe and clean for our new bundle of joy. But believe it or not, that new shade of blue paint, or the new furniture and accessories you may have added to the nursery could be off-gassing harmful chemicals that aren't good for baby.

In fact, air quality is significantly more important to babies and toddlers than adults. Because babies have a smaller body mass, the concentration of airborne chemicals, molds and other pollutants builds up in their systems more quickly.

And even before your bundle of joy is born, you’re exposing them to a multitude of airborne chemicals that could affect their health, not to mention yours. What pregnant moms breathe in, babies also take in. So, before you introduce your new loved one to their new home, have Douglas Environmental ensure their air is clean and healthy.

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Knowing what's in your air can help you:


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  1. I recently came across you web site when I was searching about the city of Edmonton water quality. I am interested in learning about the voc screening that you offer as well as the air filteration and purification. I would like to know about the price of the screening test for starters then look for advise on weather air filtration and purification would work in my home. 

    • Warren- I would be happy to discuss with you. Please call the office at 780-410-0837 to discuss your concerns, we can get you all the information you need and gladly answer all your questions.

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