VOC Testing

Household VOC SourcesThere are many reasons it makes sense to test your home's air for organic and man-made pollutants that can affect your health and well being. With Douglas Environmental, you now have the ability to accurately determine what potentially harmful chemicals are in the air you breathe so that you can make changes for cleaner, healthier air.

Until now, expensive "canister testing" was the only way to test for VOC's.  The testing alone is over $1000 – and then you have pages and pages of data that doesn't really tell you anything unless you happen to be a chemical engineer.   Assuming you're not, you can count on hundreds or even thousands of dollars more for the data analysis.

Like I said… UNTIL NOW!  With our Home VOC Sampling Program, we can come perform sampling, work with a partner lab, and get you the relevant info you need to make informed decisions about your family's air quality.  We'll even tell you not just the levels of VOC's, but based on the results, you get common sources of the particular contaminants detected in your home.  These VOC's are usually not something you can smell, so its not like trying to find a dirty diaper hidden in your house, without this information, you are up against an enormous problem.

The EPA has declared that indoor air quality is a greater health hazard than outdoor air pollution, with pollutants being up to 100 times higher indoors than outdoors. Whether you know it or not, the air in your home can contain harmful chemicals from numerous sources that could make you feel sick or make asthma and other health conditions worse.
Greater Edmonton Area VOC TestingMany of the most common products in our homes – even those we use to clean and freshen our air – are prime sources of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Even the materials our homes are made of can sometimes release harmful chemicals into the air, like formaldehyde. These VOCs “off-gas” continuously over time, sometimes for years. And the age of a home doesn’t matter when it comes to VOC contamination. In fact, newer more energy-efficient homes don’t breathe properly and sometimes are more polluted than older homes. The bottom line is when enough of these chemicals are emitted into your home’s atmosphere, it can cause irritation, breathing trouble, and illness.
Douglas Environmental tests for the presence of these harmful airborne chemicals, even hidden mold, to help you identify their sources so you can do something about them.

Knowing what's in your air can help you:


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