Air Purification

We go beyond traditional filtration to provide leading edge, proven effective ACTIVE air purification systems.

Our systems are patented and proven to work on both air and surfaces throughout a property.  Traditional filtration technology requires contaminants to be drawn towards a filter, often right through the breathing space, where the contaminants are removed and clean air is put back into the room.  The problem when it comes to molds, yeast, bacteria and viruses, is that they often grow on surfaces – only particles from them travel through the air.  If you never treat the problem at the source, all you can EVER hope to do is help alleviate the symptoms.  Fitlers are often ineffective at cleaning air behind furniture, in closets or in corners of rooms – often where the problems start, and often where they are the worst.

Our active systems sanitize the surfaces, where the problems exist!  We reproduce the natural processes that take place outdoors and bring them to the indoor environments.  The same proven processes that make it so you don't smell rotting leaves and dead animals in the bush are at work purifying the air in your home, removing particles naturally, oxidizing chemicals and eliminating odours quickly, easily and without costly filters.

Independent testing has evaluated our technology and proven it effective against every single type of mold, yeast, bacteria and virus they threw at it.  Testing also verifies these systems burn up chemicals, VOC's and nasty odours quickly and permanently – we never MASK odours like sprays from the supermarket – we eliminate both the source of the problem and deal with the side effects 24/7 – around the clock.  We keep properties clean, in between regular cleanings you already do.  This is one extra safeguard, especially when small children are around, protecting properties from exposure to germs, viruses and a wide variety of allergens.

For more information or to arrange a 30 Day Risk Free Trial of this technology for your home or office, please contact Douglas Environmental at 780-410-0837.



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