• Member – Sherwood Park & District Chamber of Commerce
  • Multiple NORMI™ Mold Inspection and Treatment Certifications:
    • Certified IAQ/Mold Inspector
    • Certified Biocide Applicator
    • Certified Mold Assessor
    • Certified Service Technician
    • Qualified Sampling Technician
  • Multiple Certifications relating to Active Air Purification:
    • Certified Indoor Air Quality Specialist
    • Advanced Oxidation Specialist
  • NORMI™ First Responders Awareness Program Trainer (FRAP)
  • Member: Better Business Bureau (Canada)
  • WHMIS Trained
  • H2S Alive! Trained
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods Certified

Having a desire to provide our clients a safer, cleaner environment, we chose the NORMI Certified Mold Inspector program for our training. We understand mold and where to look for it. The NORMI Certified Mold Inspector program techniques are used as the standard for developing an accurate evaluation of the indoor air quality of an environment.

We understand how to differentiate between "Sanitization" and "Remediation" so that you, the consumer, can make the right decision toward the proper solution to your Indoor Air Quality issues.  Our comprehensive inspection process incorporates a minimum of SIX samples compared to two or three you normally receive.  We analyze both air and surfaces, looking for mold in areas where it may just be starting to develop. 

Our approach allows us to detect mold and other microbial contamination at the early stages – BEFORE major, costly repairs are necessary.  This unique approach saves time and more importantly costly repairs and headaches for you as a property owner.

Approximately 80% of the time, we can sanitize an environment instead of having to remediate.  This usually eliminates the need to remove expensive building materials and allows the work to be done without damaging your building.  Of course, remediation is sometimes required and that is why our inspections are so extensive.  We are extremely thorough and that allows us to make the right decision for your property – EVERY TIME.  

We offer prompt dependable service within a 150-kilometer area for all of your mold and indoor air quality needs. With the new NORMI Healthier Home Monitoring and Warranty programs, you can be sure that your home or office is safer and cleaner for you and your family.

We look forward to serving you and are confident you will be pleased you chose us. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Thank you.

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